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Celebrating the Family in St. John Paul II’s Sanctuary in Krakow

St. John Paul II used to say that the family constitutes the heart of evangelization, the “first and most important way of the Church,” and the “living cell of the great and universal family of mankind.” 

The defense of the institution of the family was undoubtedly the core of the pontificate of the Polish Pontiff, who dedicated his first synod to this topic in 1980, which subsequently generated the famous apostolic exhortation Familiaris Consortio

It is specifically to honor this important legacy of the one who wanted to be remembered as the “Pope of the Family” that the Sanctuary of St. John Paul II in Krakow (his historic diocese) decided six years ago to launch the first Sunday Mass entirely dedicated to families. 

Erected as part of the John Paul II Center “Do Not Be Afraid!” project (envisioned at the Pope’s death by his former secretary, Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz, as a place of promotion of his spiritual legacy and completed in 2013), the shrine is considered the world’s greatest pilgrimage center around the Polish saint and includes important relics — such as his papal cross, chasuble and a vial containing his blood. Its large area and capacity make it a place particularly adapted to large-scale celebrations. 

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