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Celebrating Jesus’ Birthday Liturgically at Home

Despite coronavirus, family traditions will remain untouched for many families; and, if necessary, families are creatively modifying plans to keep alive favorite Christmas customs for celebrating Christ’s birth.

“This year, with many changes and challenges going on in the world outside, we want to maintain the celebratory nature of Christmas more than ever in the home, for our own sake as a family and for the sake of witnessing to others that Christ’s birth really does bring hope to a hurting world,” said Katie Warner, wife and mother and Catholic children’s book author. 

Kelly Guest is of similar mind. “We’ll try to keep Christmas as normal as we can and make it as memorable as we can,” she said. Kelly, husband Paul and their 10 children, ages 10-25, hope to go to midnight Mass as usual, although she “can’t imagine not singing Christmas carols at midnight Mass.”

The Maryland family will also continue their custom of climbing aboard the family’s large van to see all the Christmas lights while sipping hot chocolate and singing Christmas carols. However, some gift-giving will change. “Christmas morning after we give our gifts, we go to my mom’s house. I know my mom will really want to watch the kids open their gifts,” Kelly explained. In the works is a plan to visit the grandparents “from the outside — during Easter we sat on their patio and they in the screened-in porch — unless it’s really nasty weather.”

Despite these necessary changes, Guest is committed to focusing with her family on the meaning of Christmas. 

She mentioned a recent poem by a Spanish priest reminding the faithful to transport themselves to the original, quiet Christmas night and enter into it more fully.

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