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Catholic Talk Show Hosts React to Benedict Resignation and Future for the Church

Pope BenedictFebruary 12, 2012

As the world begins to absorb the news that a sitting Pope has resigned for the first time in 600 years, we now face many questions about the next Pope, the Papal transition, Benedict’s future role, and the challenges facing Benedict’s successor. Two nationally-syndicated Catholic talk show hosts are available for expert commentary. Al Kresta and Teresa Tomeo both host daily 2-hour programs heard on over 200 radio stations on the EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network and Sirius Satellite.

“I think many Catholics are still trying to adjust to the news of Pope Benedict stepping down,” says Tomeo. “My first reaction was one of concern for his health and well being. Then I felt a sense of sadness as I have grown to love this Pope so much for his strong, clear, and steady voice of truth.” She also sees this development as having a real upside. “This is another opportunity to evangelize as this story is still breaking and developing as well as receiving international coverage. We should not be afraid to discuss our Catholic faith at the office, at the grocery store, and among family and friends.”

Looking to the future, Al Kresta says, “What we need is a grass roots style evangelist who is as intellectually, spiritually and sacramentally grounded as John Paul II and Benedict XVI. He should be a younger man who is very familiar with the world of media and popular conversation, who retains John Paul II’s love of youth ministry, who understands that ecumenism is not an afterthought to the Church’s mission but that the restoration of Christian unity is necessary for the successful evangelization of the world. Above all, he must always bear in mind that, at this moment in history, we bless the world by demonstrating the living Christ. In short, build the Church and bless the nation. Build the Church, bless the world.”

This week alone Al and Teresa have been featured on WNEM TV (CBS – Saginaw, MI), The Brett Winterble Show (XM – The Patriot), Knight Life (syndicated across Iowa), The Mitch Albom Show (WJR – Detroit), the Detroit News, the Detroit Free Press, the Chaldean News, the Catholic Company, Radio Liberty, Power Talk Live, the Bob Dutko show (WMUZ – Detroit); KWKY (Des Moines, IA), Jeff McArthur (640 AM – Toronto), AM New York, The Canton Rep, The Bible Lady (Radio Maria), Red Eye Radio, Bob Crittenden (Faith Radio), Burning Point (Voice of Russia Radio) and more.


al_kresta-125x130A seasoned broadcaster, former Protestant minister, and high-profile convert to Catholicism, Al Kresta is a savvy and eloquent media personality with a strong on-air presence and an encyclopedic knowledge of Catholic doctrine and Church teaching. He can offer reasoned and insightful commentary on the implications of this historic move for the future of the Church and its involvements with critical issues around the world. He will do on-site studio interviews or speak by phone. Studio-to-studio audio links can also be arranged.

“Kresta in the Afternoon,” is heard five days a week on the EWTN Global Catholic Radio network and Sirius Satellite Radio. Kresta is the author of several books, the latest of which, “Dangerous to the Faith – Catholicism’s 21st-Century Opponents,” will be released this spring by Our Sunday Visitor Books.

For more information about Al’s availability, or to arrange an interview, contact Nick Thomm, producer: 734-930-3164 or 734-277-0693 – [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]


teresa_tomeo-125x130Teresa Tomeo hosts a weekday morning radio program, “Catholic Connection” produced by Ave Maria Radio and heard five days a week on the EWTN Global Catholic Radio network and Sirius Satellite Radio.. She is also a host of EWTN’s popular new Television Series, “The Catholic View for Women.

With nearly 30 years of experience in TV, radio and newspaper, Tomeo is also owner of Teresa Tomeo Communications, LLC, a professional media consulting company. She is an expert on faith and culture, media influence, and media activism. Teresa is a popular speaker, as well as featured columnist and special correspondent for the national Catholic newspaper, “Our Sunday Visitor,” and author of a number of books.

To schedule Teresa for an interview, contact Gail Coniglio at (954) 723-0336 or E-mail [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]

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