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Catholic pro-democracy leader released from Hong Kong jail

Agnes Chow, the Catholic pro-democracy activist, has been released from prison in Hong Kong after serving more than 6 months for attending an “unlawful” assembly in 2019. Chow, 24, was convicted of attending public protests against a law that would have allowed for political prisoners to be extradited to mainland China to face trial in some circumstances.

Agnes Chow, September, 2020. Image credit: Agnes Chow/Instagram.
Chow was released from Tai Lam women’s prison on Saturday, more than three months early after receiving a 10 month sentence in December 2020, along with Joshua Wong, a Christian and co-founder of the Demosisto pro-democracy organization with Chow. It is not clear why Chow was released early; Wong remains in prison.

Chow was arrested in 2019 for taking part in a protest in August 2019, and convicted in August 2020, before she was formally sentenced in December.

On her Instagram account on Saturday, Chow said that after “half a year and twenty days of pain, it’s finally over.” Chow said she planned to have a “good rest” and to recover physically after her time in prison, noting that “[my] body has become too thin during this period.”

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