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Catholic Mom and Baby Win Half-Marathon and Possible Guinness World Record

Running enthusiast and pro-lifer Julia Webb, 36, set a world record Nov. 24 for fastest time finishing a half-marathon while pushing a baby in a stroller — her 10-month-old daughter Gabby was part of the victory. Even more impressive, Webb’s time of 1:21:23 won the women’s half-marathon overall at the Route 66 race in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Webb, a committed Catholic, stay-at-home mom and elite steeplechaser, won the race wearing a LIFE Runners jersey. She joined the organization earlier this year. With nearly 14,000 members in 39 nations, LIFE Runners is the world’s largest pro-life running team.

LIFE Runners’ founder, Pat Castle, and organization chaplain Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, Illinois, also participated in the half-marathon.

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