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Catholic Connection – Dec 13, 2023 – Hr 2

Pianist Anthony Coniglio promotes his EWTN appearances where he shares musical reflections on the true meaning of Christmas. Ambassador Michele Bowe is with the Holy Family Hospital of Bethlehem Foundation.




Segment 1 – Intro and News


Segment 2 & 3 – Musical Reflections on the True Meaning of Christmas
Anthony is going to be featured on a 1-hr Christmas Special on EWTN Radio on Dec 17th at 5pm ET, Dec 23rd at 6pm ET, Dec 24th at 5pm ET and Dec 25th at 3pm ET.  He will also be on EWTN TV for their “Life on the Rock” 2-part Christmas Special.  EWTN is airing a portion of Anthony’s “Musical Reflections on the True Meaning of Christmas” which you can watch here.

Anthony Coniglio is our guest. You read all about his story in this piece by Patti Armstrong:
Renaissance Knight: A Knight with a knack for math, science and music puts his talents to use for the love of God and neighbor


Anthony is a virtuoso pianist and has received awards in various piano competitions and has studied piano with Grammy-Award-winning pianist André Watts.  He is a PhD student in Mathematics at Princeton University, specializing in the mathematical physics of Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity.  Anthony is an active member of the Institute for Advanced Physics, an organization of Catholic scientists established to advance modern science in a balanced fashion that does not leave behind the correct philosophical foundations, nor the proper moral and spiritual components.


Segment 4 – Holy Family Hospital of Bethlehem Foundation
Holy Family Hospital is located just 1,500 steps from the birthplace of Christ. This Catholic teaching hospital serves a population where most are likely descendants of the shepherds who ran to be at the side of the Christ Child over 2,000 years ago. Just as the original manager provided shelter to Mary, Joseph and Jesus during their time of need, so does Holy Family Hospital, which embraces and accepts all who seek care, regardless of religion, ethnicity, or ability to pay. No one is ever turned away. Ambassador Bowe also talks about the devastating effect the Israel and Hamas War has had on Bethlehem.

Ambassador Michele Bowe – President of the Holy Family Hospital of Bethlehem Foundation and the Order of Malta’s Ambassador to Palestine.







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