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Catholic Connection – Dec 7, 2023 – Hr 1

Lina Nealon from the National Center on Sexual Exploitation discusses the problem with Disney advertising on Meta platforms. They also discuss real solutions to the harms of pornography.




Segment 1 – Intro and News


Segment 2 Teresa’s Two Cents


Segment 3 – The New Danger of Deepfake Pornography
Lina Nealon explains why Disney have to halt advertising on Meta platforms.  They also discuss real solutions to the harms of pornography.  

Lina Nealon is committed to promoting the dignity of every human being and creating a society where everyone can reach their full potential. As the National Center on Sexual Exploitation’s Vice President & Director of Corporate Advocacy, she spearheads NCOSE’s campaigns to hold corporations accountable for profiting from sexual exploitation. As Founding Director of Demand Abolition, Lina designed and led the first national program combatting the demand for paid sex that drives the global sex industry.




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