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Catholic Connection – Nov 25, 2022 – Hour 2

Best of “Catholic Connection” with Fr. Mike Schmitz and Dr. Edward Sri.




Segment 1 – “The Catechism in a Year” is coming next year!
Teresa caught up with Fr. Mike Schmitz at the Good News Conference in Phoenix, AZ.  They discuss his exciting new “Catechism in a Year” podcast starting January 1st.  “If you have ever wanted to understand what it means to be Catholic and allow those truths to shape your life—this podcast is for you!”  (Originally aired November 17, 2022)

Fr. Mike Schmitz is a priest for the Diocese of Duluth, MN where he currently runs the Newman Center at the University of Minnesota-Duluth. He is also the Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry for the diocese and the host of the “Bible In a Year” podcast.



Segment 2, 3, 4 – The Good, the Messy, and the Beautiful: The Joys and Struggles of Real Married Life
(Originally aired November 4, 2022)

“No marriage is perfect, and neither is the Sri’s. This book is packed full of hilarious and relatable stories from their 20+ years of marriage. From their experience, see helpful tips, mindsets, and reminders of how to live out the beautiful vocation of marriage. In good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, God has an incredible vocation for all spouses. The Good, the Messy, and the Beautiful goes into the nitty-gritty, explaining what to do when reality hits—when the rubber hits the road.”

Dr. Edward Sri is a theologian, author and well-known Catholic speaker who appears regularly on EWTN. Each year he speaks to tens of thousands of people from around the world, including clergy, parish leaders, catechists and laity. He is the host of the acclaimed film series “Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained” and the presenter of several faith formation film series, including A Biblical Walk through the Mass; Mary: A Biblical Walk with the Blessed Mother; and Follow Me: Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John.


The book “The Good, the Messy, and the Beautiful: The Joys and Struggles of Real Married Life”




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