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Catholic Connection – Nov 22, 2023 – Hr 1

Best of “Catholic Connection” with Lina Nealon from the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. We also visit with Michael Timmis, author of “The Journey to Ultimate Friendship.”




Segment 1 – The New Danger of Deepfake Pornography
“Did you know that, with new developments in technology, any photo could be used to create synthetic pornographic videos or images (a.k.a. “deepfake pornography”) of you or your loved ones? Did you know that this pornographic material could be so realistic that no one would be able to tell the difference?”  Lina Nealon is here to tell us about this new danger.  Read more here.  (Originally aired August 11, 2023)

Lina Nealon is committed to promoting the dignity of every human being and creating a society where everyone can reach their full potential. As the National Center on Sexual Exploitation’s Vice President & Director of Corporate Advocacy, she spearheads NCOSE’s campaigns to hold corporations accountable for profiting from sexual exploitation. As Founding Director of Demand Abolition, Lina designed and led the first national program combatting the demand for paid sex that drives the global sex industry.


Segment 2, 3, 4 – The Journey to Ultimate Friendship
“Friendship with others is one of God’s greatest gifts. Yet how can we understand its power and the blessings that it can bring? In The Journey to Ultimate Friendship, Mike Timmis shares his experiences and the why and how to build relationships with others. Through real-life stories and practical wisdom, you will come to treasure friendships and, most of all, to experience friendship with the Lord—the greatest relationship of all.”  (Originally aired February 22, 2023)

Michael Timmis was born in Detroit, Michigan, where he has had a distinguished career as both an attorney and a businessman. He served for sixteen years as chairman of Prison Fellowship International. He is the author of Between Two Worlds: The Journey of an Evangelical Catholic.





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