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Catholic Connection – October 18, 2023 – Hr 1

Guest host Vanessa Denha Garmo talks with Dr. Mary Healy from Sacred Heart Major Seminary. She is here to promote an upcoming “Introduction to Sacred Scripture” course she will be teaching soon.




Segment 1 – Intro and News


Segment 2 – Vanessa’s Marvelous Monologue


Segment 3 & 4 – Upcoming “Introduction to Sacred Scripture” Course w/Dr. Mary Healy
“With a lifetime devoted to scholarly pursuits, translation, and commentary, Dr. Mary Healy embodies a wealth of knowledge within the Word of God. Eager to share her expertise, she empowers you to unlock the intricacies and life-changing potential of Sacred Scripture.”  You can request information here and watch a short video about the course here.

Dr. Mary Healy is professor of Scripture at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit and a bestselling author and international speaker.










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