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Catholic Connection – September 12, 2023

Greg & Julie Alexander have some advice on improving communication in your marriage. Thierry Cagianut talks about the new movie: “Mother Teresa & Me.” [Only one hour due to our pledge drive.]



Segment 1 – Intro and News


Segment 2 & 3 – A Failure to Communicate: Monthly Marriage Encounter

Greg and Julie Alexander are authors, speakers, marriage disciples and full-time marriage missionaries. They help couples that are experiencing difficulties in their marriage, regain hope and offer solutions to assist them in rediscovering the joy and beauty in their relationship so that they can go on to living a Joy-filled Marriage!


The Alexander House


Segment 4 – “Mother Teresa & Me” in theaters Oct. 5
“The most ambitious dramatic feature film ever made depicting the amazing story of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, one of the few canonized saints of our day. We discover her through the eyes of Kavita, a young English woman who’s been abandoned by her boyfriend after she’s found to be pregnant. Kavita journeys to Calcutta to escape her pain and soon discovers that even holy people like Mother Teresa have to face life’s challenges and, in fact, struggle through years of spiritual crisis known as the “dark night of the soul.” Inspired by Mother Teresa’s example of perseverance and compassionate love, Kavita rediscovers hope and purpose. A rare, powerfully acted, inspirational film that shows how we overcome our troubles by helping others with theirs.”  Thierry Cagianut joins us.

Thierry Cagianut is the president of the Zariya Foundation and a partner with Baldi & Caratsch. He has 15 years’ experience in the New York movie industry, having produced international award-winning movies, such as “Henry Fool” (Best Screenplay Award at the Cannes Film Festival 1998). Thierry, who is a devout Catholic, is the executive producer of the new movie “Mother Teresa & Me.”






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