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Catholic Connection – August 18, 2023 – Hr 1

Teresa talks about World Youth Day 2023. Mary Pat Jahner shares about the very special St. Gianna and Pietro Molla Maternity Home.  They are celebrating their 20th anniversary this weekend.



Segment 1 – Intro and News


Segment 2 – Teresa’s Two Cents
Bishop Barron at World Youth Day | EWTN News Nightly


Segment 3 – St. Gianna and Pietro Molla Maternity Home
“This weekend, one special maternity home, the St. Gianna and Pietro Molla Maternity Home in North Dakota, is celebrating their 20th anniversary. Since opening its doors, Mary Pat’s home has welcomed expecting mothers and their children, offering them a supportive second family, along with every possible resource they might need to rebuild their lives. To date, they have welcomed over 300 women and children, and paved the way for over 20 adoptions. Mary Pat herself is the proud adoptive mother of a beautiful daughter from the home – read her story in this National Review op-ed.”

Mary Pat Jahner was a teacher with a vision who, with help from Catholic church officials, founded St. Gianna’s Maternity Home in Warsaw, N.D., to give women in crisis pregnancies a place to live and be cared for.







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