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Catholic Connection – August 15, 2023 – Hr 1

Best of “Catholic Connection” with Gary Michuta and Kathy Schiffer.




Segment 1 – Teresa’s Two Cents
(Originally aired July 19, 2023)


Segment 2 & 3 – The Gospel Truth: How We Can Know What Christ Taught
“Hundreds of books have been written to vindicate the Gospels by noting that they were written closer to the events they record than any other ancient history. But how do we know that they accurately recorded what Jesus said and did? How do we know they didn’t fabricate their contents? That Jesus really did work the miracles reported in the Gospels? Most important of all, how do we know what is the authentic interpretation of his words and deeds? The Gospel Truth fills in this gap by demonstrating that a concerted and sophisticated effort was made to ensure that what Jesus taught and did was accurately retained, recorded, verified, and passed on to future believers.”  (Originally aired July 10, 2023)

Gary Michuta is a nationally known Catholic speaker, author, and apologist. He was the director of Thy Faith, Inc., a non-profit lay-run Catholic apologetics apostolate and editor of its magazine Hands On Apologetics. Gary has written several books on apologetics. He has debated prominent anti-Catholic apologists and teaches online middle school and high school classes in apologetics. 


Segment 4 – Tracking Your Fertility (and General Health) With a Pair of Earrings
U.S. bishops launch a campaign to celebrate God’s design for married love.  Also, news of the development of an innovative method of health monitoring, which can track a woman’s fertility and her general health using only a pair of earrings. Kathy Schiffer explains.  (Originally aired August 1, 2023)

Kathy Schiffer is a Catholic blogger. In addition to her blog Seasons of Grace, her articles have appeared in the National Catholic Register, Aleteia, Zenit, the Michigan Catholic, Legatus Magazine, and other Catholic publications. She’s worked for Catholic and other Christian ministries since 1988, as radio producer, director of special events and media relations coordinator.

U.S. bishops launch campaign to celebrate God’s design for married love

Incora Health – founded by Theresa Gevaert






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