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Catholic Connection – August 11, 2022 – Hour 2

Archbishop Joseph Naumann talks with Teresa about the failure of the pro-life Value Them Both Amendment in Kansas. They discuss what this means and where to go from here. Scott L. Smith, Jr. tells us about the “Consecration to St. Joseph for Children and Families” that he co-wrote with Fr. Donald Calloway.

Segment 1 – Intro and News

Segment 2 & 3 – Kansas’ Value Them Both Amendment Fails

Most Reverend Joseph F. Naumann is Archbishop of Kansas City, KS. He has championed the cause for the right to life throughout his ministry. He seeks to lead his flock in upholding and promoting the immense dignity of every human person from conception to natural death. Through education and evangelization, Archbishop Naumann seeks to facilitate opportunities for encounters with the person of Jesus Christ, winning disciples that will live the Joy of the Gospel and lead others to Christ by the fruit of their lives.

Segment 4 – Consecration to St. Joseph for Children and Families
“Protect your family! Entrust your family to St. Joseph. Why? Because God, Himself, did. God entrusted the Holy Family to St. Joseph to keep them safe, and so should you. Drawing on the wealth of the Church’s living tradition, Fr. Donald H. Calloway, MIC and co-author Scott L. Smith, Jr., call on all of us to turn to St. Joseph, entrust ourselves, our children and families, our Church, and our world to our spiritual father’s loving care. Watch for wonders when the Universal Patron of the Church opens the floodgates of Heaven to pour out graces into your family’s lives.”

Scott L. Smith, Jr. is a Louisiana author, attorney, and father of five. He is also a blogger (see below) and co-host of the Catholic Nerds Podcast.

Consecration to St. Joseph for Children and Families

The Scott Smith Blog

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