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Catholic Connection – July 17, 2023 – Hr 2

Anthony DeStefano shares “30 Days to Your New Life.” Eric Scheidler tells how pro-lifers will bring their message to highway overpasses. Gail Buckley Barringer has our Bible verse of the week.



Segment 1 – Intro and News


Segment 2 & 3 – 30 Days to Your New Life: A Guide to Transforming Yourself from Head to Soul
“With candor and simplicity, DeStefano presents a 30-day program for attaining lifelong peace and fulfillment as well as (more importantly) eternal happiness in Heaven. The path proposed by DeStefano encourages consistent, purposeful, and prayerful action on the part of the reader and offers genuine hope to everyone, from ambivalent agnostics to engaged Evangelicals to the most fervent of Catholics.”  Click here for the book.

Anthony DeStefano is the bestselling author of the adult Christian books A Travel Guide to Heaven, Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To, Angels All Around Us, as well as the gift book I Just Can’t Take It Anymore! and the children’s books This Little Prayer of Mine and Little Star. He has received prestigious awards from religious organizations worldwide for his efforts to advance Christian beliefs in modern culture.



Segment 4 – A Year after Dobbs, Pro-Lifers Bring Message to Highway Overpasses
A year after the landmark decision in the case of Dobbs v. Jackson, which overturned Roe v. Wade, the Pro-Life Action League is hosting a nationwide public education campaign intended to remind Americans what’s really at stake when it comes to abortion policy. National Pro-Life Bridges Day will take place on Friday, July 21, with pro-life banners being displayed on highway overpasses in cities and towns across the country reading, “Abortion takes a human life.”

Eric Scheidler is the Executive Director of the Pro-Life Action League.








Segment 5 – Bible Verse of the Week
Teresa and Gail discuss Wisdom 11:4 — “When they were thirsty, they called upon you, and water was given them out of flinty rock and from hard stone a remedy for their thirst.”

Gail Buckley Barringer
President & Founder, Catholic Scripture Study International






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