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Catholic Connection – July 14, 2023 – Hr 2

EWTN’s Doug Keck gives us the latest on special programming coming up on the network. Kathleen Cooke talks about a new ad from Focus on the Family on the language used to describe the unborn.



Segment 1 – Intro and News


Segment 2 – The Inside Word @ EWTN
Doug Keck is EWTN’s President and Chief Operating Officer. He joins us to share the latest news regarding EWTN’s TV and radio programming.

Doug Keck
President & COO, EWTN


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Segment 3 – Fact Check Friday
Right to Life float scratched from children’s parade


Segment 4 – ‘We’re Having a Fetus!’: Powerful Pro-Life Campaign
“Christian ministry Focus on the Family is preparing to unveil a new pro-life ad forcing people to pause, ponder, and reflect on how language is used to describe the unborn. The 60-second spot, “It’s Still a Baby,” showcases individuals and families discussing unborn children in various heartwarming scenarios.”

Kathleen Cooke was the moving force behind the production of the video.  She is Co-founder/VP of the Cooke Media Group and author of “Hope 4 Today: Stay Connected to God in a Distracted Culture.”  She’s a national speaker and adjunct professor focusing on developing entertainment internship programs for various universities. She’s on the advisory board for the Hollywood Prayer Network & is the past director for the West Coast/Hollywood chapter of Christian Women In Media Association.



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