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Catholic Connection – July 7, 2023 – Hr 1

Teresa shares more on the movie “Sound of Freedom.” We revisit interviews with Maddie Martinez and Peggy Stanton.



Segment 1 – Intro and News


Segment 2 – Teresa’s Two Cents
Teresa speaks more on the new movie, “Sound of Freedom”


Segment 3 – How support from a church, pro-life group convinced a single mom not to abort her baby
“Across the country, women are facing unexpected pregnancies without knowing where to turn. Thankfully, some have discovered Embrace Grace, a loving support group for mothers in need, that just established its 1000th group nationwide this month to provide counseling, resources, friendship, and devoted help to pregnant and single moms and their families.”  Maddie Martinez shares what the group has done for her.  (Originally aired June 9, 2023)

Maddie Martinez, who was once abortion-minded, found strength and hope through the Embrace Grace network and is now a group coordinator at her local chapter.


Segment 4 – Order of Malta Minutes with the Catechism: A Pocket Guide to the Catechism
“For more than a decade, Dame of Malta and veteran journalist Peggy Stanton produced, wrote, and broadcast “The Order of Malta Minute with the Catechism,” a syndicated series of one-minute radio segments that sought to inspire Catholics by familiarizing listeners with the teachings of the Catholic Church, explaining the what and the why of what Catholics believe. Now Stanton’s nearly 260 scripts are published. The Minutes offer text-size teachings distilling the essentials of doctrine in the Catechism and offering a handy guide when readers are questioned WHY they believe WHAT they believe.  (Originally aired June 5, 2023)

Peggy Stanton is the author of “From the White House to the White Cross.” She’s a Dame of the Order of Malta. She was ABC News’ first female Washington correspondent. She has hosted programs on Ave Maria Radio including Power from the Pews. Her first book was “The Daniel Dilemma: The Moral Man in the Public Arena.”


The book: Order of Malta Minutes with the Catechism: A Pocket Guide to the Catechism





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