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Catholic Connection – May 22, 2024 – Hr 2

Susan De Bartoli talks about her new book, “Welcoming the Holy Spirit with Padre Pio.” Joan Lewis gives us the latest news out of the Vatican. They discuss the Pope’s recent CBS interview.




Segment 1 – Intro & News


Segment 2 & 3 – Welcoming the Holy Spirit with Padre Pio
“In Welcoming the Holy Spirit with Padre Pio, Susan De Bartoli shares stories and wisdom from the life of this humble monk to show how we can use our unique spiritual gifts to love others and draw from the well of faith to encounter Christ in profound ways.”

Susan De Bartoli is the author of Welcoming the Christ Child with Padre Pio and serves as the secretary of the Board of Directors of the Padre Pio Foundation of America. She has been a guest on various radio and television shows and podcasts, including Let’s Be Frank and Catholic Faith Network Live. De Bartoli is a pilgrimage tour operator and owner of Little Flower Pilgrimages. She also is assisting with the Cause for Canonization of Mary Pyle, Pio’s assistant.


Segment 4 – Latest News from the Vatican w/Joan Lewis
Joan Lewis is the author of the blog “Joan’s Rome.” She joins us each week to share the latest news out of the Vatican concerning the Holy Father and the Catholic Church.

Joan Lewis
Host, Joan’s Rome and The Vatican Insider






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