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Catholic Connection – May 17, 2021 – Hour 2

Bishop Donald Hying explains his new book “Love Never Fails.” Steve Ray provides his analysis of the fighting and chaos in Israel.

Segment 1 – Intro and News

Segment 2 & 3 – Love Never Fails: Living the Catholic Faith in Our Daily Lives

“Having been a pastor of souls in a variety of settings—the suburbs, the inner city, the mission field, and the seminary—Bishop Hying has interacted with all kinds of people, and he has learned much about God’s purpose and action among us. In Love Never Fails, he provides readable and practical reflections to feed the Christian mind and heart with inspiration.”

Bishop Donald Hying is the bishop of Madison, WI.  Ordained a priest in Milwaukee in 1989, he has served in various pastoral roles, including diocesan parishes, mission work in the Dominican Republic and Rector at Saint Francis de Sales Seminary in Milwaukee.  He relishes his work with Saint Vincent de Paul Society, USCCB Sub-Committee for Aid to Easter Europe and National Association of Catholic Chaplains.

Purchase “Love Never Fails: Living the Catholic Faith in Our Daily Lives”

Segment 4 – Analysis of the Fighting and Chaos in Israel

Steve is a convert to the Catholic faith and a popular author, speaker, and pilgrimage leader. He has been to the Holy Land over 100 times exploring, filming, and leading thousands of pilgrims. Steve is a regular guest on Catholic radio and TV including Catholic Answers, Ave Maria Radio, and EWTN. He writes Bible Studies for Catholic Scripture Study International.

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