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Catholic Connection – April 23, 2021 – Hour 1

Nick Givas with Project Veritas talks about their latest revelations about CNN. John Hale with Corporate Travel tells us about the Grand Hotel Getaway with Fr. Don Calloway and the Good News Cruise next year.

Segment 1 – Project Veritas Exposes CNN
Originally aired April 16, 2021

Nick Givas is the Managing Editor of the Newsroom at Project Veritas.

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe plans to sue CNN for defamation: ‘We believe we can win’

CNN staffer tells Project Veritas network played up COVID-19 death toll for ratings

Segment 2 – Teresa’s Newscast

Due to a loss of Internet, today’s show starts with a replay of the segment with Nick Givas from last week. Teresa’s newscast was therefore delayed until the 2nd segment of the hour.

Segment 3 – Grand Hotel Getaway and Good News Cruise

John Hale reminds us about the Good News Cruise coming up in 2022. There is also a Grand Hotel Getaway with Fr. Don Calloway coming up he would like you to know about. Teresa and John also discuss the latest regarding COVID, vaccines, and the travel industry.

John Hale is the President of Corporate Travel Service.

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