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Catholic Connection – April 17, 2024 – Hr 2

A Harvard professor is suggesting the decline in church attendance caused our mental health crisis. Chuck Gaidica is here to discuss this with Teresa today.




Segment 1 – Intro & News


Segment 2 & 3 Church Attendance Slump Caused Mental Health Crisis, Harvard Professor Suggests
“Extrapolations from the Nurses’ Health Study data suggest that about 40 percent of the increasing suicide rate in the United States from 1999 to 2014 might be attributed to declines in attendance at religious services during this period. Another study suggested declining attendance from 1991 to 2019 accounted for 28 percent of the increase in depression among adolescents.”  Chuck Gaidica and Teresa discuss this story today.

Chuck Gaidica is one of the most trusted figures in Michigan. He is an author, frequent keynote speaker, podcast & radio host. He also serves as an on-camera host and spokesperson for various projects. Many people may know Chuck from his national and local radio and television work in Michigan over four decades. He has multiple Emmy awards and was awarded the prestigious Silver Circle Award for broadcast excellence by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.



Segment 4 – Teresa’s Monologue




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