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Catholic Connection – March 29, 2022 – Hour 1

Dr. Peter Kleponis with help for those struggling with pornography. John Martignoni’s new book, “Blue Collar Apologetics.” Montse Alvarado talks about a new “EWTN News In Depth” series.

Segment 1 – Teresa’s Two Cents
Originally aired March 15, 2022

Segment 2 – Help for those struggling with pornography use
Originally aired March 14, 2022

Peter C. Kleponis, Ph.D. is a Licensed Clinical Therapist and Assistant Director of Comprehensive Counseling Services in West Conshohocken, PA. He holds an M.A. in Clinical-Counseling Psychology from LaSalle University in Philadelphia, PA and a Ph.D. in General Psychology from Capella University in Minneapolis, MN. Dr. Kleponis travels throughout the country educating people on how to win the battle against pornography through his Fighting Porn in Our Culture…and Winning! program. He has presented his conferences to numerous dioceses, colleges, seminaries religious communities, parent’s groups and other Catholic organizations.

Resources: Integrity Restored

Segment 3 – Blue Collar Apologetics: How To Explain and Defend Catholic Teaching Using Common Sense, Simple Logic, and the Bible
“With an easygoing and inviting style, EWTN’s John Martignoni doesn’t simply introduce you to the major doctrines of the Catholic Faith; he explains why they are true and shows you how to explain them effectively to Protestants and “cafeteria Catholics” alike in ways that will draw them into those truths.” (Originally aired March 16, 2022)

John Martignoni is the founder and president of the Bible Christian Society, an apologetics and evangelization apostolate that reaches hundreds of thousands of people each year across the United States and throughout the world with the truths of the Catholic Faith. For seventeen years, he hosted EWTN Radio’s Open Line, which was heard on hundreds of stations around the country, and he has founded and run Catholic radio stations in Alabama. He has a regular e-newsletter—Apologetics for the Masses—that has more than forty thousand subscribers in all fifty states and in more than eighties countries around the world. He is currently the director of evangelization for the Diocese of Birmingham in Alabama.

Order: Blue Collar Apologetics: How To Explain and Defend Catholic Teaching Using Common Sense, Simple Logic, and the Bible

Segment 4 – “EWTN News In Depth” Investigative Series
Tune in @EWTN 8pmET tonight! The 1st of a 6-episode investigative series on EWTN News In Depth — Hosted by Montse Alvarado, with special reports from Mark Irons, Catherine Szeltner Hadro, and Teresa Tomeo asking tough questions about the rumored Post-Roe reality. (Originally aired March 4, 2022)

Montse Alvarado is the host of EWTN News In Depth. She has defended religious freedom for people of all faiths at Becket Fund for Religious Liberty for over a decade. As Becket’s Vice President & Executive Director, she was profiled by the Wall Street Journal’s Weekend Edition with the following introduction: “A defender of all religion, on the front lines of America’s culture wars.”

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