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Catholic Connection – March 18, 2021 – Hour 1

Dr. Thomas Williams on the new lockdowns in Italy, the Vatican’s statement on blessing gay couples, and more. Former Swiss Guard Dr. Mario Enzler talks about his event in Brighton, MI tonight.

Segment 1 – Intro and News

Segment 2 – Italy locked down again, Vatican speaks on blessings for gay couples, and mass stopped at St. Peter’s side altars

Dr. Thomas Williams – Theologian, Author, Speaker, Consultant and Writer for Breitbart News. Permanent research fellow at the Center for Ethics and Culture, Notre Dame University.

Vatican Denies the Possibility of Blessing Homosexual Couples
Vatican Prohibits Priests From Celebrating Private Daily Masses At St. Peter’s Side Altars

Italy Heads Into Another Lockdown As COVID-19 Cases Surge

Segment 3 – Dr. Mario Enzler coming to Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Brighton, MI tonight

Hear Dr. Enzler tell Teresa what he’ll be speaking about in Brighton tonight.

Dr. Mario Enzler, former Musician, former Swiss Guard, former Swiss Banker. He wanted to introduce authentic gelato in New England instead he and his wife founded a classical-curriculum Academy in New Hampshire after moving there and not finding adequate educational options for their five children. Now, he not only works and teaches at the Cameron School of Business, he can also be found speaking at conferences all over the world where he shares about the role Pope St. John Paul II had in helping him become a better man, executive, and leader. He is the author of “I served a Saint”.

Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Brighton

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