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Catholic Connection – March 13, 2023 – Hour 2

Dr. Scott French, from the Magis Center, discusses pursuing the truth with Teresa. Fr. David Pivonka at the Journalism in a Post-Truth World Conference spoke about the need for such an event.



Segment 1 – Intro and News


Segment 2 & 3 – Pursuing the Truth w/Dr. Scott French

Dr. Scott French is a practicing board certified Emergency Physician who noted the rapidly increasing rates of depression, suicides, and other behavioral disorders among our youth. In the process of searching for a solution, Dr. French was able to view the Shroud of Turin in 2015. This spurred a search for the full truth, and ultimately led Scott to Father Robert Spitzer’s Magis Center in 2015, and subsequently became a volunteer and board member.


Segment 4 – Journalism in a Post-Truth World Conference
Teresa caught up with Fr. David Pivonka, fellow speaker, at the Journalism in a Post-Truth World Conference in Washington DC.  They discuss the need for such an event.

Father Dave Pivonka, TOR, was elected president of Franciscan University of Steubenville on May 21, 2019. The well-known Catholic speaker and author graduated from Franciscan University with his BA in theology in 1989, then earned an MDiv, MA in theology, doctorate in education, and executive juris doctorate. A solemnly professed member of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Province of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis of Penance, Father Dave was ordained to the priesthood in 1996.



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