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Catholic Connection – March 4, 2024 – Hr 1

Teresa talks about the Samaritan woman at the well and the new movie “Cabrini.” Dr. Greg Popcak on a study about the factors that let Catholic parents raise faithful adult Catholics.




Segment 1 – Intro & News


Segment 2 – Teresa’s Two Cents
Teresa talks about the new film, “Cabrini,” and other important items.


Segment 3 – Study about the factors that enable Catholic parents to raise faithful adult Catholics
“Sadly, only about 15% of kids raised in Catholic household grow up to be faithful Catholic adults. We identified families who bucked this trend successfully raised most—and in many cases all— of their children to a faithful adulthood.  We interviewed both the parents AND their faithful adult children to identify the  faith practices and  family dynamics that led to their success. The findings are practical, do-able, and  relevant to every family who wants to raise faithful children. They also point to a glaring (and frankly, catastrophic) omission in the Church’s current approach to evangelization and faith formation.” – Dr. Popcak joins us to dig into the study.  (Originally aired February 13, 2024)

Dr. Gregory Popcak is the Founder and Executive Director of the Pastoral Solutions Institute. The author of almost 20 popular books & programs integrating solid Catholic theology and counseling psychology, he is an expert on the practical applications of Pope John Paul the Great’s Theology of the Body.  He is a co-host of “More 2 Life” on Ave Maria Radio/EWTN.




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