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Catholic Connection – Feb 6, 2024 – Hr 2

Ken and Signe Castel join us from Dallas where they are giving a workshop on couple prayer. Arielle Del Turco with a report on the intensifying intolerance toward Christians in the West.




Segment 1 – Intro & News


Segment 2 & 3 – Couple Prayer
Ken and Signe join us from Dallas where they are giving a workshop on couple prayer.  They also want you to know about the DVD series they offer, which you can find here.

Ken Castel has been married to his wife Signe for over 45 years and have three adult children and 7 living grandchildren. Active in numerous ministries throughout their marriage, they first began praying together in 2007 when, as Signe puts it, “there was a disconnect” in their relationship. Almost immediately they both noticed a softer, gentler tone in their relationship.  Meaningful, intimate communication became much more common between them as they experienced God breathing new life into their marriage.  From that moment on they were hooked and sought after opportunities to share the great news of the blessings of a Christ Centered marriage that praying together leads to.

Segment 4 – FRC Releases Updated Report Detailing the Intensifying Intolerance Toward Christians in the West

“Family Research Council’s Center for Religious Liberty published an updated edition of its report “Free to Believe? The Intensifying Intolerance Toward Christians in the West,” which seeks to provide a better understanding of religious freedom violations perpetrated by Western governments against Christian individuals, organizations, and churches. Between January 2020 and December 2023, FRC identified 168 such incidents across 16 countries.”  Arielle Del Turco is the author of the report.

Arielle Del Turco serves as Director of the Center for Religious Liberty at Family Research Council, where she is responsible for international religious freedom policy and advocacy efforts. Through research and analysis, she helps craft effective policy solutions and coordinates FRC’s advocacy on international religious freedom. 






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