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Catholic Connection – Jan 23, 2024 – Hr 2

Camille Pauley with Healing the Culture unveils their “Forbidden Discussions” video series. Dr. Michelle Stanford is the new president of the Catholic Medical Association.




Segment 1 – Intro and News


Segment 2 & 3 – “Forbidden Discussions” video series
Pro-life organization Healing the Culture is proud to launch “Forbidden Discussions,” a new video series designed to equip centennials with the arguments they need to influence their peers. The 5-part series is available at Respect Life University, Healing the Culture’s proprietary video platform that delivers a unique philosophical approach to pro-life education through short, lively videos.

Camille Pauley is the President and Cofounder of Healing the Culture. In 2003 Camille co-founded Healing the Culture with Fr. Robert Spitzer using his unique curriculum to change hearts and minds, and build a culture of life. Under Camille’s leadership, Healing the Culture has quickly grown into an internationally recognized organization with a powerful pro-life message, a wealth of successful products and resources, and tremendous influence in the cultural battle over abortion and euthanasia.


Segment 4 – New President Lead Catholic Medical Association at the March for Life
“The Catholic Medical Association’s new president, Dr. Michelle Stanford, will be leading the organization at the 51st Annual March for Life that will take place January 19, 2024 in Washington, D.C. The annual march gathers hundreds of thousands of advocates for the unborn and mothers hurt by abortion to continue to pray for an end to abortion and bring awareness to life-giving alternatives. Since Roe v Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court on June 24, 2022, concurrent pro-life marches take place at state capitols around the country. ‘The Catholic Medical Association is, and always has been, committed to protecting life from the moment of conception until natural death,’ said Dr. Stanford. ‘We will continue to fight with hope for the day when our nation recognizes the dignity of every human life.'”  Read more here.

Dr. Michelle Stanford is President of the Catholic Medical Association.  Dr. Stanford, a practicing pediatrician, took leadership of the association on Jan. 1, 2024 after serving on the national board for several years in various leadership positions. She will serve a two-year term during which she will build on CMA’s strong advocacy work and strategic partnerships with other organizations to promote human dignity, the protection of all human life, and the freedom to practice medicine according to one’s conscience.





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