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Catholic Connection – Jan 18, 2024 – Hr 1

Dr. Tim Hogan promotes the World Marriage Day celebration coming up February 19th in Troy, MI. Lauren Muzyka talks Sidewalk Advocates for Life and the importance of pro-life witness.




Segment 1 – Intro and News


Segment 2 – World Marriage Day – February 18, 2024
The World Marriage Day celebration is taking place February 19th at the San Marino Club in Troy, MI.  Click here for all the information!  Dr. Tim & Karen Hogan will be speaking.  Rennie and Esther Kaufmann provide the tunes.

Dr. Tim Hogan is the co-author of “How to Find the Help You Need,” a guide to psychotherapy and spiritual direction. He teaches at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit and has a private practice in Plymouth.  Dr. Hogan was the former Director of the Grace Counseling Center in Detroit.






Segment 3 & 4 – The Important Pro-Life work of the Sidewalk Advocates for Life
(Originally aired January 15, 2024)

Lauren Muzyka serves as President & CEO of Sidewalk Advocates for Life (SAFL) where she oversees the organization’s vision, mission, and program. Lauren is a licensed attorney whose passion for defending the sanctity of human life led her into the pro-life movement.  For over two years, Lauren served as Campaign Strategist for the National 40 Days for Life Team, advising their 300+ campaigns in North America.






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