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Catholic Connection – Jan 1, 2024 – Hr 2

Best of “Catholic Connection” with a special message from Fr. Bart Tolleson, Fr. Joseph Thomas and Michael Vacca.




Segment 1 – That Was Father Stu: A Memoir of My Priestly Brother and Friend
“This inspiring, insightful, and often humorous look at the life of Father Stuart Long is told by his close friend Father Bart Tolleson. After their relationship began and almost ended with a practical joke, the two men were ordained together and forged a strong, lasting friendship. As the exuberant, edgy Father Stu confronted a rare degenerative disease, the former brawler and professional boxer used every ounce of his declining strength to fight the good fight for souls.”  Click here for the book!  (Originally aired December 6, 2023)

Father Bart Tolleson received a B.A. in Communication at Wheaton College and a Ph.D. in Philosophy in Communication at Regent University, where he entered the Catholic Church in 1994. He also received an M.Div. at the University of St. Thomas. He was ordained to the Catholic priesthood in 2007 and has served as parochial vicar, administrator, and pastor for various parishes in the Diocese of Helena, Montana.



Segment 2 & 3 – Vatican II’s Decree on the Mass Media, ‘Inter Mirifica,’ 60 Years Later
“On Dec. 4, 1963, the Second Vatican Council solemnly approved its first two documents: the constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, Sacrosanctum Concilium, and the decree Inter Mirifica, regarding the mass media. The latter document is much less known than the former one. Nonetheless, Inter Mirifica offers some crucial principles to guide us in a world where we find ourselves ever more immersed in mass communication: the press, film, television, along with the newer forms of media.”  Fr. Joseph Thomas has written this piece and joins Teresa to discuss it today.  (Originally aired December 18, 2023)

Opus Dei Father Joseph Thomas is the chaplain at Mercer House in Princeton, New Jersey.





Segment 4 – Uniform Law Commission almost redefining death and expanding euthanasia
(Originally aired November 28, 2023)

Michael Vacca is Director of Ministry Bioethics and Membership Experience, Christ Medicus Foundation & CMF CURO






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