• Blood of St. Januarius liquefies on feast day

    Naples, Italy, Sep 19, 2019 / 10:06 am (CNA).- The miracle of the liquefiction of the blood of early Church martyr St. Januarius took place Thursday in Naples. The blood was shown to have liquefied shortly after 10 a.m. during Mass in the Naples’ Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary. The... Read more
  • Indonesia set to criminalize consensual sex outside marriage

    Indonesia's government is pushing through a sweeping new penal code aimed at cracking down on behavior determined to be offensive to the country's majority-Muslim culture, and is set to outlaw consensual sex outside marriage as part of the package. Reuters reported that four parliamentarians... Read more
  • China reportedly censoring Ten Commandments, replacing them with Xi quotes inside churches

    China's ruling Communist Party is reportedly censoring the pillars of Christianity and closing down churches that don't comply. Reports claim the government has demanded the Ten Commandments be replaced with quotes by President Xi Jinping, and that portraits of the president, former leader Mao... Read more
  • Cardinal Pell Appeals to the High Court: What Happens Next?

    Now that Cardinal George Pell filed an appeal against his conviction to Australia’s High Court on Tuesday, the next step in the process will be for the prosecution to issue a response, according to a source close to the cardinal’s legal team. The prosecution has three weeks to file a... Read more
  • India is obsessed with over-population. It should learn from China’s mistakes

    On August 15 Prime Minister Narendra Modi stepped out to the Red Fort in the Indian capital of New Delhi as a newly empowered man, after the landslide election win of his Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). His rivals in the Congress Party are in disarray, having been utterly... Read more
  • Eritrean bishops say seizure of Catholic schools is ‘hatred against the faith’

    Asmara, Eritrea, Sep 17, 2019 / 01:45 pm (CNA).- Seven religious schools in Eritrea, four of them sponsored by the Catholic Church, have been seized by the country’s government this month. Catholic bishops in the country say the move was motivated by “hatred against the faith.” “If... Read more
  • Africa: The Continent of Catholic Hope

    Pope Francis’ six-day mission to the people of the African countries of Madagascar, Mauritius and Mozambique bears witness to the fact the Church looks to Africa as a beacon of hope for the Catholic faith in the 21st century. Pope Francis is in the midst of his six-day visit to the trio of... Read more
  • China plays no favorites. It persecutes all religions

    Massimo Introvigne is an Italian sociologist of religion who has become an expert on religious persecution in China. MercatorNet interviewed him recently about his latest book (available only in Italian at the moment). You have just published “The Black Book of Religious Persecution in... Read more
  • That John Harbaugh! The Ravens coach sure loves to read the Bible for some strange reason

    Are you ready for some real NFL football? It’s that time of year again. Which only raises another question, are you ready for some more haunted ESPN features about mysterious behaviors in the lives of religious people who happen to be coaches and athletes in the National Football League? If you... Read more
  • The Powerful Group Shaping The Rise Of Hindu Nationalism In India

    Before dawn, men gather in a suburban Mumbai park to play team-building games, meditate, chant Sanskrit mantras from Hindu scripture and salute a saffron-orange flag — the color, sacred to Hindus, of robes worn by Hindu monks. There are potbellied, middle-aged dads, retirees and a young boy... Read more