• christians-in-china

    A reminder from China that the ‘War on Christians’ is truly global

    So far at the Rio Olympics, Team China is having a pretty good run, lagging behind only the United States in the overall medal count and tied with the U.S. for first place in golds. A story out of the Czech Republic on Monday, however, confirms that China isn’t performing nearly as well in... Read more
  • von galen

    The Lion of Münster

    Seventy-five years ago today, Bishop of Münster Clemens August Graf von Galen, condemned from his Cathedral’s pulpit the Nazi euthanasia program: “If you establish and apply the principle that you can ‘kill’ unproductive human beings, then woe betide us all when we become old and... Read more
  • Texas AG Explains 11 States’ Lawsuit Over Obama’s School Bathroom Policy

    [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGb7gOQoAKs[/embed] On May 25, officials in 11 states filed a federal lawsuit against the Obama administration’s transgender bathroom directive issued to public schools nationwide. Leading that charge is Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who sat... Read more
  • Praying to play

    Anyone who doubts the power of prayer hasn’t been paying attention to English soccer this past week. Leicester City—a team that’s enjoyed only marginal and fleeting success for more than 130 years—just did the impossible: they won the “Super Bowl” of English football, the Premier... Read more
  • May 13, 1981: Attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II in St. peter's Square at the vatican.

    What John Paul II Intended to Say the Day He Was Shot

    VATICAN CITY — Thirty-five years ago, on May 13, 1981, Pope John Paul II was shot as he made his way through St. Peter’s Square in the pope-mobile, responding to the warm greetings of the faithful and pilgrims before the general audience. At 5:19pm, the pope was the victim of an... Read more
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    Why Pop Culture Is Obsessed with ‘Identity’

    Last spring, after seven seasons of women, work, two wives, and a lot of whiskey, Don Draper reached the end of his journey to define himself. And a record 3.3 million Americans settled in to watch how it would end. The broad appeal of Mad Men was surprising, given that the show’s... Read more
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    Is the Pope Toying with Heresy?

    Are Catholic truths immutable? Or can they change with the changing times? This is the deeper question behind the issues that convulsed the three-week synod on the family of the 250 Catholic bishops in Rome that ended Saturday. A year ago, German Cardinal Walter Kasper called on the church to... Read more
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    A Start in Personal Scripture Study

    “The Church has always venerated the divine Scriptures just as she venerates the body of our Lord… For in the sacred books, the Father who is in heaven meets His children with great love and speaks with them, and the power and goodness in the Word of God is so great that it stands as the support... Read more
  • WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 23:  Donald Trump listens at the Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C Groundbreaking Ceremony at Old Post Office on July 23, 2014 in Washington, DC.  (Photo by Paul Morigi/WireImage)

    Why Serious People Support an Unserious Presidential Candidate

    [caption id="attachment_56163" align="aligncenter" width="600"] WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 23: Donald Trump listens at the Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C Groundbreaking Ceremony at Old Post Office on July 23, 2014 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Paul Morigi/WireImage)[/caption] Support for... Read more
  • Laity Should Act When Clergy Won’t

    Let’s face it: The 2015 Synod on the Family is a mess. I was one who gave Pope Francis the benefit of the doubt. I now have my doubts about him. And I have no doubt at all that some of the men surrounding him are either heretics or lunatics or both. The real question for us as lay people is... Read more