• The Annihilation of Iraq’s Christian Minority

    “Another wave of persecution will be the end of Christianity after 2,000 years” of it in Iraq, one Iraqi Christian leader recently declared. In an interview earlier this month, Chaldean Archbishop Habib Nafali of Basra discussed how more than a decade of violent persecution has... Read more
  • Coptic Christian attack: Egypt police ‘kill 19 attackers’

    Nineteen Islamist militants accused of carrying out a deadly attack on Christians in Egypt have been killed by police, the interior ministry says. They died in a shoot-out after police pursued "fugitive terrorist elements" into the desert area west of Minya province, the statement said. Seven... Read more
  • Egypt court sentences 17 to death for attacking Christians

    The court in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria also issued life sentences to 19 defendants and sentenced another nine to 15 years in prison on terror-related charges, lawyer Khaled el-Masry said. Another defendant got a 10-year term, he said. Military prosecutors had accused the defendants... Read more
  • Amidst Slaughter of Christians, Sisi Boasts of Egypt’s Human Rights Record

    It’s always something when the leaders of nations known for abusing human rights preach to others about the need to respect human rights. Take Egyptian President Sisi’s recent admonitions during his address before the United Nations. After saying, “We need to address the major shortcomings... Read more
  • ‘Terrorism Cannot Stop the Gospel,’ Say Niger Missionaries Who Faced Violent Attack

    In two decades as Christian missionaries in Niger, Africa, Neal and Danette Childs have faced a host of challenges. Critics have doubted their approach to ministry. Supporting funds and personnel have been slow to come at times. And violent attacks have forced them to rebuild. While the... Read more
  • Pakistan mourns 149 dead in country’s second deadliest terror attack

    Pakistan is mourning the deaths of 149 people, including nine children, in the country's second deadliest militant attack since its independence. A suicide bomber hit a campaign rally in Mastung, in the south-western province of Balochistan, on Friday. More than 180 were injured. A local... Read more
  • Heidi and Rolland Baker ask for prayers amid increasing terrorist attacks in Mozambique

    A Christian ministry operating in Mozambique has requested prayers due to increasing terrorist attacks in a number of villages in recent weeks. Iris Global, a ministry founded in 1980 by Heidi and Rolland Baker, released a statement on June 10 saying a group of extremists have been carrying... Read more
  • Iraq After ISIS: How to Get Christians to Stay

    ERBIL, Iraq — Nearly a year since Mosul was liberated from the Islamic State and the terrorist organization effectively defeated, new challenges confront the relatively few Christians remaining in the ancient Christian towns of northern Iraq who feel let down by the United States and... Read more
  • Nigerian minor seminary attacked, priests injured by Fulani herdsmen

    According to reports in the Nigerian media, confirmed on Monday by a Nigerian priest, a Catholic minor seminary has been attacked by largely Muslim Fulani herdsmen in Jalingo, part of Nigeria’s north-central “Middle Belt” region, leaving no fatalities but several injuries, including two... Read more
  • Another Church Attack Demonstrates How Religious Freedom is Under Siege in Pakistan

    05/16/2018 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – The state of religious freedom in Pakistan remains adverse in spite of provisions written in the Pakistani constitution. Article 20 of Pakistan’s constitution guarantees the freedom to profess religion and to manage religious... Read more