• 20% of Americans are on the Threshold of Religion

    An important trend in American religion has been the rise of the religious nones. A religious none is someone who has no religious affiliation. They are given this name because when researchers survey them as to which religious faith they affiliate with, they check the box “none.” Current... Read more
  • Archbishop to DREAMERS: ‘You are a tremendous gift!’

    To the DREAMERS of Colorado, I have been following closely the status of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, and it was a great disappointment this morning to see that President Donald Trump has chosen to end the program in six months. As I said last week in a... Read more
  • Dutch right-to-die group confirms elder abuse risk – but doesn’t seem to care

    [caption id="attachment_88573" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Image by Roos Koole / ANP[/caption] The Netherlands legalised both euthanasia and assisted suicide in 2002. The data shows an overwhelming preference for euthanasia. In 2015, there were 6672 euthanasia deaths and only 150 assisted... Read more
  • Ganging Up

    As some readers of First Things may already know, Amy Wax, professor of law at the University of Pennsylvania and contributor to our magazine, has angered her law school colleagues. The statement they have written appeared in The Daily Pennsylvanian under the title “Open letter to the... Read more
  • Canada’s Gender X Passports and the Denial of Sexual Difference

    On June 19, 2017, Canada amended its Human Rights Act to protect “gender identity or expression.” On August 31, 2017, the nation took the gender identity revolution to a new level. They announced a new designation for those who consider themselves an “unspecified sex.” Those not... Read more
  • How the Media Promotes (Some) Suicides

    I began my work against assisted suicide in 1993. The emotional zeitgeist at the time focused intensely—and exclusively—on preventing all suicides. Since then, I have witnessed a very disturbing transition. Today’s society asks us to support suicide in circumstances involving serious... Read more
  • ESPN’s Major Fumble

    Reassignment of announcer after Charlottesville shows lengths taken to appease P.C. police This absolutely has to be fake news. That was my immediate thought after I started to hear and see reports of ESPN’s decision to remove one of their sports announcers from a college football game all... Read more
  • A Memphis theater’s pulling of ‘Gone with the Wind’ viewed as ‘cultural cleansing’ by critics

    A Memphis theater has ended its 34-year tradition of screening the 1939 Oscar-winning-film “Gone With the Wind” at least once a year. The Orpheum Theatre dropped the movie from its programming after several patrons complained about an Aug. 11 screening, saying the film was “racially... Read more
  • California’s first Catholic school removes its Catholic statues

    California’s first Catholic School has recently removed its Catholic statues on campus in an effort to be more “forward looking.” Shannon Fitzpatrick, a parent of a student at San Domenico, who recently submitted a formal complaint about the removal of the statues, took issue with the... Read more
  • Why are GCSE textbooks repeating bizarre anti-Catholic myths?

    BBC Bitesize and others are touting an absurd view of Catholic history “Did you know the Catholic Church held up medical progress in the Middle Ages because they banned the dissection of bodies?” I was somewhat taken aback by this claim from a young acquaintance of mine, currently studying... Read more