• Appointee to the Iowa Board of Medicine rejected because of her comments at CWR

    This is so very 2018. This is what the Reign of Gay looks like: The Iowa Senate refused to confirm a Nevada woman to the Iowa Board of Medicine Wednesday because of comments she wrote last August on a Catholic online forum critics said were “red flags” on LGBTQ issues. The... Read more
  • Catholic Employers Win Lawsuit Against HHS Birth Control Mandate; Avoid $6.9 Million in Fines

    Hundreds of Catholic employers have been relieved of millions of dollars in crippling fines after a judge granted them relief from the penalties of violating the federal birth control mandate requiring organizations provide coverage of contraception and abortifacients in employee health care... Read more
  • Chinese government official: No religion ‘transcends nations’

    Beijing, China, Apr 3, 2018 / 07:00 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- A Chinese government official who oversees religious affairs said Tuesday that government restrictions on bishop appointments are not a violation of religious freedom, as he emphasized that religions in China must “adapt to socialist... Read more
  • China’s Communist Party overhaul includes religious affairs control

    HONG KONG - China’s ruling Communist Party has further stepped up control over all religions, dissolving its long-standing State Administration for Religious Affairs bureau and handing its functions to the party’s United Front Work Department. Ucanews.com reported the move was announced... Read more
  • US Supreme Court Dubious About Calif. Law Targeting Crisis-Pregnancy Centers

    WASHINGTON — Justices on both sides of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ideological divide sharply questioned a California law that requires licensed pregnancy centers to post contact information for free abortions. During the March 20 oral arguments in National Institute of Family and Life... Read more
  • Court: Pakistani Christians Must Reveal Religion to Vote or Apply for Jobs

    Pakistan’s citizens must now declare their religion when applying for identity documents, or if they want to work in government or register to vote, Islamabad’s High Court ruled this month. Applicants who disguise their true religion defy the constitution and betray the state, the judge... Read more
  • Efforts to rewrite Indian history worry Christians, Muslims

    New Delhi: Christian and Muslim leaders in India are appalled by federal government moves to "revise" the country's history in a bid to push a pro-Hindu narrative. Reuters revealed last week that a committee appointed by the Narendra Modi government has been working for six months to prove... Read more
  • Will Trump’s New Secretary of State Prioritize Religious Freedom?

    Top advocates have spent much of President Donald Trump’s time in office waiting for his administration’s international religious freedom efforts to fall into place.  With today’s firing of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, they’re left once again wondering exactly how the... Read more
  • Crushing religious schools with state funding

    The UK government has crafted an educational mandate for religious schools' curriculum that Sohrab Ahmari at Commentary calls “Orwellian.” Under the proposal, all schools would be required to teach children from age 4 and up “age-appropriate” content that includes information about... Read more
  • With lifelong rule by Xi Jinping, how will Christians fare in China?

    Beijing, China, Mar 6, 2018 / 05:08 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- This month’s meeting of China’s National People’s Congress, convened March 5, will likely confirm a constitutional change eliminating term limits and allowing President Xi Jinping to stay in power beyond 2023. Xi, who assumed... Read more