• Catholic leaders in Zimbabwe prepare for a post-Mugabe future

    YAOUNDÉ, Cameroon -  After a week seeing the military sideline President Robert Mugabe, the Catholic bishops in Zimbabwe say they are concerned about the future of the country, and have called on all the stakeholders, particularly the future leadership, to think about the best interests of the... Read more
  • How Attacks on Religious Liberty Brought Me Back to the Church

    I grew up in the north New Jersey suburbs with parents who’d gone to Catholic school in the 1960s. They didn’t enjoy the experience, mostly from fright of the nuns, who physically abused students. They vowed never to send my brother or me to Catholic school, but we were baptized and did have... Read more
  • In Reversal, Notre Dame Now Says Employees Will Still Get Free Contraceptives

    Only a week earlier, the university had announced it would end contraceptive coverage Jan. 1. Joan Frawley Desmond SOUTH BEND, Ind. — In an unexpected policy reversal, the University of Notre Dame has said that it will continue to provide free contraceptive services to its faculty and... Read more
  • FEMA rethinking ban on disaster aid to church buildings

    When disaster strikes, houses of worship are often on the front lines, feeding and sheltering victims. Yet churches, synagogues and mosques are routinely denied aid by the Federal Emergency Management Agency when it comes time to repair or rebuild their damaged sanctuaries. Pressure is... Read more
  • Vetoed bill on reproductive health called ‘massive overreach by NARAL’

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (CNS) -- Religious freedom advocates and pro-life leaders praised California Gov. Jerry Brown for vetoing a bill called the Reproductive Health Nondiscrimination Act that targeted religious employers and their faith-based codes of conduct for employees. Assembly Bill 569... Read more
  • Department of Justice announces settlement in HHS mandate suits

    WASHINGTON, D.C. - A week after issuing new religious freedom guidelinesto all administrative agencies in the federal government, the U.S. Department of Justice has settled with more than 70 plaintiffs who had challenged the controversial HHS contraceptive mandate. The Oct. 13 agreement was... Read more
  • The Left’s New Plan to Gut Religious-Liberty Protections

    In a flurry of pending court cases, liberals are arguing for a radical reinterpretation of the Constitution’s establishment clause. On Tuesday, the New York Times ran an op-ed by Supreme Court reporter Linda Greenhouse, “On Contraception, It’s Church Over State.” In her piece,... Read more
  • The HHS Mandate Rolled Back: Good News, Still More Work to Do

    As Han Solo told Luke, "That's great, kid! Don't get cocky." A call for both thanks and renewed effort by defenders of religious freedom. Back in May, the president signed an executive order instructing government agencies to 'consider amending existing regulations' to address the problems... Read more
  • Banning the Christian Union? These students need to develop their critical thinking skills

    If you want to ban anyone, you need coherent reasons that will stand up in the public forum There was a time when Balliol College was considered one of the top Oxford Colleges. I do not know if that is still the case, but the College’s reputation must take a battering after the latest folly of... Read more
  • How to Destroy Catholicism in America

    [caption id="attachment_90424" align="aligncenter" width="768"] Thomas Jefferson’s cut-and-paste Bible[/caption] May I respectfully recommend a study of the history of liberal Protestantism in the USA? You will soon see that today’s liberal Catholics are traveling down the same road... Read more