• Saint Peter Damian’s Love of the Cross & the Eucharist

    Tomorrow, February 21st, the Church celebrates the Feast of St. Peter Damian who is a Doctor of the Church. He was a monk, reformer, and fearless teacher of the Faith. He executed the reforms of popes and was an instrumental figure in the life of the Church in the 11th Century. He gave up a... Read more
  • Why Saint Valentine Remains More Relevant than Ever

    It was Valentine’s Day during my freshman year of college. I was a sacristan for my dorm, and I was eagerly preparing things for Mass in the sacristy. Fr. Bill, a jovial Australian priest who was well-loved around campus and in Lewis Hall, arrived for Mass. “Happy Valentine’s Day,... Read more
  • Benedict XVI’s prayer to Our Lady of Lourdes

    In 2008, Benedict XVI went to France in the context of the jubilee for the 150th anniversary of Our Lady’s apparition. At a Mass for the sick, he presented his intentions to her with this part of the jubilee prayer: Because you are the smile of God, the reflection of the light of... Read more
  • An Unexpected Miracle at Lourdes

    Our daughter died in my arms as we lay together in the emergency room bed.  In my grief, while holding her lifeless body, I was taken back to the baths at Lourdes, where we had visited just over a month before. My brothers and sisters, friends, and even strangers had paid for us to... Read more
  • Mr. and Mrs. — and Saints: Marriage Reflects Sanctity

    What’s sainthood got to do with National Marriage Week this Feb. 7-14 and World Marriage Day on Feb. 9? Plenty. Married couples should become saints. The parents of St. Thérèse exemplify this holy calling. On Oct. 18, 2015, Sts. Louis and Zélie Martin were the first married... Read more
  • Newman relic stolen

    The only surviving piece of bone thought to belong to St John Henry Newman has been stolen from the Birmingham Oratory. The Oratory announced the theft in its weekly newsletter on Sunday, saying the bone fragment had been taken from its casket in the Newman Shrine. The fathers appealed for... Read more
  • Polish bishops call for John Paul II to be named co-patron of Europe

    Archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki, head of the Polish Episcopal Conference, is calling for St. John Paul II to be declared a Doctor of the Church and a co-patron saint of Europe. The late pope and recent saint should be recognized as a co-patron saint of Europe for his efforts to bring down the... Read more
  • The Life of St John Bosco

    “When deep sleep falls upon men, in slumberings upon the bed; then He opens the ears of men, and seals their instruction” (Job 7:14). God has revealed things to men in dreams throughout time. In the Bible we read many stories of how God spoke to His people through dreams. He revealed to... Read more
  • Want to Grow in Holiness as a Family? Look to the Holy Family

    Every time Chris and Jennifer Sariego and their four children leave their home in the greater Los Angeles area and get into their car for a drive longer than 15 minutes, the family prays the Rosary together. “We call it the minivan Rosary,” Chris said. “If you have an active, on-the-go... Read more
  • A Meditation on the Bloody Octave of Christmas

    Many are shocked to walk into daily Mass on December 26 and instead of hearing more of the “Baby Jesus” we are confronted with Martyrdom, “The Feast of Stephen” is ancient on the Church’s calendar. More ancient than the Christmas cycle and hence it was not removed to another... Read more