• In Election’s Wake, Catholic-Friendly Laws Under Threat in States

    WASHINGTON — Democratic wins across the country in last month’s election could put state laws that protect the unborn, religious freedom and other Catholic interests under threat of repeal, modification or court challenges. Democrats seized the governor’s office or took the majority in... Read more
  • Judge Releases Over 100 Iraqi Christians Detained by ICE

    About 130 Iraqi Christians detained last year and slated for deportation will be back home with their families in Detroit for Christmas. Last week, a federal district court in Michigan ruled that the government has a month to release the detainees still awaiting unlikely repatriation to... Read more
  • A look at 25 years of RFRA

    Washington D.C., Nov 20, 2018 / 03:14 am (CNA).- Last week marked the 25th anniversary of the enactment of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, known as RFRA. While the law is well-known within legal circles, many Americans may not realize that RFRA is one of the primary legislative pillars... Read more
  • Globally and abroad, experts say religious freedom more than a ‘commodity’

    SOUTH BEND, Indiana - At first blush, it might seem there’s not much in common between the stark, in-your-face persecution against Christians in regions such as the Middle East, where people are being killed for their faith, and subtle persecution in other places, such as the quiet removal of... Read more
  • Final HHS rule confirms religious exemption to contraceptive mandate

    WASHINGTON, D.C. - A rule finalizing the religious exemption to the contraceptive mandate should be “the end of a long cultural war fight” over the issue and confirm that the U.S. government “never needed nuns to give out contraceptives” to women, said the president of the Becket law... Read more
  • Halt the hostility: Colorado baker forced back to court by state persecution

    Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys representing Masterpiece Cakeshop and its owner, Jack Phillips, filed a motion in federal court Tuesday to stop Colorado officials from violating his constitutional rights while Phillips’ lawsuit against them proceeds. Although the U.S. Supreme Court... Read more
  • Scotland’s New ‘Anti-Hate’ Campaign Threatens Christians: ‘You Should Be Worried’

    These days more than ever we hear people talking about hate. The media in particular obsesses over so-called "hate crimes." The logic behind this fear is that incidents motivated by hatred over religion, gender, class, or any other distinction are somehow worse than crimes committed over money,... Read more
  • Lessons from the Kavanaugh chaos — What my father, Justice Antonin Scalia, would have thought

    I’ve frequently been asked in the past few weeks what my father, the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, would think about the contentious battle just waged over Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the nation’s highest court. Would he have been surprised by the heated debate,... Read more
  • Religious Liberty Victory for UK Bakers

    Evangelicals in the United Kingdom secured a major legal victory for freedom of conscience today, as the nation’s Supreme Court ruled on behalf of a Christian bakery that declined to fulfill an order for a pro-gay cake. The high court declared that the owners of Ashers Baking Company in... Read more
  • When Justice Fails

    God has given the United States over to divisive blindness and stupidity. Americans watched Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week. We couldn’t not watch, but drew opposite conclusions. The New York Times quadrant of... Read more