• Bill to Aid Victims of Child Pornography Passes Senate Judiciary Committee

    WASHINGTON — The damaging effects of child pornography are undoubtedly incalculable, but a bipartisan bill has been introduced to bring its victims financial restitution and means for emotional healing. The bill was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee Jan. 11. “Child... Read more
  • Belgian Catholics concerned about abuse of country’s euthanasia law

    OXFORD, England - Catholics in Belgium are concerned the country’s euthanasia law is being abused to kill patients without legal checks and safeguards. Auxiliary Bishop Jean Kockerols of Mechelen-Brussels said “not just the church’s hierarchy, but doctors and medical professionals as... Read more
  • Getting wiser on surrogacy

    Let me be plain up front: I oppose surrogacy. In it I see the same heartless exploitation of a woman as I see in prostitution. The idea that one can “rent” another person’s womb or another person’s vagina and just walk away is deeply misogynist. A body is not a piece of machinery you... Read more
  • Ohio DNA testing company satires Christianity’s Holy Family, a safe target

    An Ohio DNA testing company called Home Paternity “launched its first ever advertising campaign last month wrapped in a story satirizing the paternity of Jesus. But not everyone thinks it’s funny.” The company certainly did. David Littlejohn, Humanaut’s chief creative officer, told... Read more
  • Six Things You Need to Know about Physician-Assisted Suicide

    It has been twenty years since Oregon’s physician-assisted suicide law took effect after a public referendum. Since then, four other states have legalized physician-assisted suicide. Polls seem to show strong public support for physician-assisted suicide. They ask questions like this one... Read more
  • Power and Sex: Why Our Culture Needs the Church’s Teachings on Sexuality

    The recent testimony of female celebrities and ordinary women who have been preyed upon sexually by powerful men has demanded a reckoning across many sectors of American life. “We are finally becoming conscious of a vice that has been socially accepted,” said the actress Salma Hayek, who... Read more
  • ‘Misinformation’ seen as reason for veto of Pennsylvania abortion bill

    HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed pro-life legislation that “would have strengthened” the state’s Abortion Control Act “by banning the cruel and brutal practice of dismemberment abortions,” said the state Catholic conference. The legislation, which passed... Read more
  • About Our Epidemic of Sexual Aggression

    The current revelations of an epidemic of sexually aggressive behaviors (SAB) against women, particularly by men in the media over many decades, has led to calls to address this highly prevalent "disease" in our culture. Peggy Noonan, however, has boldly identified its spiritual origins in... Read more
  • Italy Faces ‘Dark Future’ After Passing New End-of-Life Law

    VATICAN CITY -- Some Italian bishops have strongly criticized a new law passed last week in Italy allowing adults to decide in living wills to refuse end-of-life medical treatment, including artificial nutrition and hydration, calling it “unacceptable,” “reprehensible” and... Read more
  • 730 Rohingya Children Among Thousands Burned Alive, Shot, Beaten to Death in 30 Days of Horror

    At least 730 children were among the 6,700 Rohingya refugees who were burned, shot, or beaten to death in the space of a single month earlier this year, a major humanitarian aid group revealed. "We met and spoke with survivors of violence in Myanmar, who are now sheltering in overcrowded and... Read more