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Carly Fiorina stands by her comments on Hillary

Carly Fiorina took her post-debate victory lap to MSNBC tonight, where Chris Matthews confronted her for slamming Hillary Clinton as a liar.

Matthews was really taken aback and said, “You really think that’s a way to engage in a debate, to call your opponent a liar! I’m astounded by that judgment of yours.”

Fiorina insisted she said it because it’s the truth, she was specific, and she hates talking in “sanitized soundbites.”

When Matthews pressed her on the specifics, Fiorina said, “Benghazi, emails, and server.” Matthews got a bit combative over Benghazi, but Fiorina stood by her guns and said she’ll be perfectly happy to debate Clinton on the issues if she wins the nomination.

Watch the video below, via MSNBC:


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