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Carlo Acutis’ principal: He’s a beacon for children and young people

Sister Miranda is the director of the school where the newly beatified computer expert, Carlo Acutis, studied. He died in 2006 at the early age of 15. She tells how part of Carlo’s greatness lies precisely in his simplicity and reserve, which at first sight made him seem like just one more ordinary kid among his peers.

Sister Miranda, thank you very much for granting me this interview for Aleteia. Can you share with us a little bit about your relationship with Carlo Acutis? How did you meet him? I know that he studied at the school run by your Congregation, the Sisters of St. Marcellina; how did this relationship between Carlo Acutis and the Marcellinas and the school begin?

Sister Miranda: In September 1999, after several years at the Aronna school in Lago Maggiore, I was transferred to Marcelline School of Tommaseo Square as the elementary school principal and a high school teacher. At that time, Carlo was in third grade, but he’d already been enrolled for a year, and was able to fit in without any problems. His home was very close to the school, and his mother often accompanied him.

As soon as I settled in, I started to get to know my colleagues and students. As far as Carlo is concerned, the most personal memories I’ve heard of him were shared with me by his religion teacher, Mrs. Isa Velati; through her I learned that he was an only child and a very sensitive child when it came to religion, so much so that he asked to receive his First Communion in Assisi in the second grade of Primary School.

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