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Carlo Acutis: His Life and Legacy

The tomb is white stone, appearing to levitate, with light streaming from behind it, breath-taking when closed. Open — as it will be until October 17 — the sight is heart-stopping. Inside a glass coffin lies a teenage boy, apparently sleeping, his face peaceful and kind, a rosary looped around his hand. But these are not the ordinary saintly remains: this teenage boy is dressed in jeans, sneakers, and a casual sports top. Incongruous—yet completely right for a fledgling saint who died in 2006.

The boy in the tomb is Venerable Carlo Acutis, who will be beatified this Saturday, October 10, joining the ranks of teen Saints and Blessed such as Agnes, Dominic Savio, Rose of Viterbo, and José Sanchez del Rio.

Despite the pandemic, the ceremony is going ahead in Assisi as planned, where his body now lies (remarkably intact though not officially incorrupt). The Chapel of the Renunciation — where St Francis of Assisi so famously literally divested himself of all his father’s possessions before walking away naked — makes an appropriate resting place for a boy who lived so simply he argued with his parents when they wanted to buy him a second pair of shoes.

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