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Carlo Acutis’ first stained glass window in jeans and sneakers

The church of San Giuseppe in Molfetta, Italy, has already installed the first stained glass window depicting Blessed Carlo Acutis, the 15-year-old beatified last year on October 10 by Pope Francis.

His image—in jeans and sneakers—clashes with the traditional stained glass windows to which we are accustomed, and shows that holiness is closer to us than we think.

The image

The window, inaugurated last May by Bishop Domenico Cornacchia, depicts the 15-year-old Carlo walking in jeans, sneakers, a red windbreaker and a backpack. He smiles, and his expression shows joy and approachability. He’s instantly recognizable to those who are familiar with the photos of the young man which have become ubiquitous on Catholic internet.

It’s striking to see such an image decorating the church, because we’re used to seeing stained glass windows with traditional colored decorations including geometric shapes, animals, or the image of the Virgin, the evangelists, or Jesus Christ himself.

We’ve never seen anything like it: the image of a contemporary adolescent, a blessed who transmitted the Gospel through social networks. This representation of Carlo Acutis reminds us that holiness is closer to us than we think.

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