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Carlo Acutis as seen by his mother

What was Carlo Acutis like up close? What was it like to live with him? His mother, Antonia Salzano, tells us in an interview with Aleteia. “You could feel Christ’s presence near Carlo,” she says.

Both she and her husband realized early on that he was very special. “When he was very small, I used to joke around, calling him ‘little Buddha’ because I used to say he was enlightened… He was always so generous, so good, so altruistic, polite, and obedient…”

He also had a deep faith, which was unusual given that his parents hadn’t been to church in years.

His daily life

Carlo went to Mass every day, went to Eucharistic adoration, and prayed the Rosary daily.

In addition, of course, like all boys of his age, he went to school, did his homework, and played soccer—”but very badly.”

“But this ordinary life became extraordinary because everything he did, he did in Jesus, for Jesus. In everything he did, he asked himself: ‘Will this please Jesus?’ ‘Can I do it for Jesus?’”

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