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Cardinal Sarah Confronts the Dictatorship of Noise

Postmodern man, says Cardinal Sarah, lives on the “sad drug” of noise, which “sickens yet reassures him.” He “gets drunk” on noise to deny reality, to “anesthetize his own atheism.” He’s hooked up to the “morphine pump” of agitation; his eyes “are sick, intoxicated, they can no longer close.”

They’re “red” from the flickering screens of a “brightly lit prison.” They’re battered by the “dictatorship of the image,” whether visual or “sonic.” Hence Cardinal Sarah’s forceful new book, The Power of Silence: Against the Dictatorship of Noise. 

That dictatorship “stubbornly hates silence.” It “detests” kneeling before God.  So it imposes media-created “truths”—“corroborated by fabricated images and testimonies”—and peddles an endless “theater of shadows.” It broadcasts smiling abortions on TV shows, murders and rapes on Facebook Live, and hardcore pornography on children’s smartphones. Plato’s cave never looked so hellish.

Even within the Church, the shadow-world encroaches. The Vatican brandishes pornographic images in its sex education program for teens. And before it hosted pro-abortion population controllers to cry against “biological extinction,” the Vatican staged an eerie, phantasmagoric “New Agelight show for Mother Earth on the 2015 feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Mother of God.

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