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Cardinal Burke: An Appreciation

[Editor’s note: As Raymond Cardinal Burke continues his fight against COVID-19, his friends and admirers felt moved to put together this little symposium in his honor. We hope that it will inspire the faithful to continue praying fervently for his good health, both physical and spiritual. We also hope that it will hearten Cardinal Burke and hasten his recovery. God bless you, Your Eminence, and get well soon.]

I join in offering prayer, Mass, and fasting with good Catholic people all over the world for the quick recovery of Cardinal Burke—a dear friend, former professor, and inspiration of mine for almost forty years. Having known His Eminence as a friend and teacher going back to the years I studied in Rome (when he was Monsignor Burke), I have always been inspired by his charity, intelligence, humility and sheer goodness coupled with his simple, child-like devotion to our Lord, our Blessed Mother, and all the saints.

I remember when I became a bishop. He was Bishop of La Crosse then and was conducting a retreat for a group of nuns at the time of my episcopal ordination, but willingly skipped one day of the retreat to fly to San Diego, serve as a co-consecrator, and then fly back to La Cross.  For him, no sacrifice is too great to show kindness to others.

I thank God that He has given me such an outstanding model of priesthood, which has been for me both an anchor and a goal as I strive for ever greater fidelity in responding to my own priestly calling.

— Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco

We are wholeheartedly grateful to Divine Providence that, in one of the darkest times in history, He gave His Church Cardinal Raymond L. Burke, who is a true adornment of the Sacred College of Cardinals.

In his shining service as bishop and cardinal, he selflessly works for the preservation and defense of the Divine Deposit of the Catholic faith, especially in relation to the sacraments of Marriage and the Eucharist and through the celebration of the traditional liturgy, which is a treasure that belongs to all saints and to the Church of all time—a sacred treasure of which no fallible administrative ordinances, even at the highest levels of the Church, can rob us.

Cardinal Burke remains a light and support for many priests and faithful in the current battle for the treasure of the faith and the liturgy. It is a consoling sign that God is not abandoning His Church in the most difficult hours, as long as there are in our day churchmen like Cardinal Burke. May this fill us with courage and hope.

Cardinal Burke makes a truly great contribution to the renewal of the Church through his present illness, to which the inscrutable and yet loving counsel of Divine Providence has called him. We thank Cardinal Burke for setting the example, worthy of a cardinal, of the virtues of courage, fortitude, and suffering for the Church. We have in him a cardinal according to the Heart of Jesus and we implore the Sacred Heart of Jesus to keep him for long fruitful years of service in the holy Church.

— Bishop Athanasius Schneider

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