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Capuchins present new favors in Blessed Solanus’ canonization cause

Detroit — The sainthood cause for Blessed Solanus Casey isn’t taking a rest after a whirlwind year that culminated in the Capuchin friar’s historic beatification last November.

To move from “blessed” to “saint,” the Church requires a second miracle to be proven through the intercession of the candidate after beatification — and in May, the vice postulators for Blessed Solanus’ cause were in Rome to present what they hope will be just that.

That isn’t to say, however, that canonization is right around the corner.

“There’s some follow up after a huge celebration like the beatification, so a huge part of the reason for our trip to Rome was to both follow up on the beatification — to say thank you to our postulator and to the Congregation (for Saints’ Causes) — and we took advantage of that opportunity to present favors that have come in that appear to us to perhaps have the criteria necessary to be examined as the favor needed for the canonization,” said Fr. Larry Webber, OFM Cap., who along with Capuchin Bro. Richard Merling serves as vice postulator appointed by the Capuchin Franciscan Province of St. Joseph for Blessed Solanus’ cause.

However, Fr. Webber cautioned that it’s still a “very early part of the process,” and that investigating miracle claims can take years, with many layers of scrutiny by doctors, panels and Church officials both in Detroit and Rome.

Still, to have such favors so soon after beatification “is a sign of how much God has been helping us in this cause to move it forward,” Fr. Webber said. “The cause is progressing by the grace of God.”

While details of the new cases are for now confidential, Fr. Webber said one of the alleged favors took place in June 2017, just a month after the announcement of the beatification was made.

Normally, to be considered as part of the process for canonization, a favor must take place after the beatification Mass itself, but the June case could be considered for a dispensation from that requirement because it took place after Pope Francis had signed the beatification decree, Fr. Webber said.

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