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Cancel, Conform, Control: Survivors of Communism Discuss U.S. Culture

The destruction and removal of statues around the country this summer isn’t new to Carlos Eire, who as a 10-year-old, watched members of the Castro regime use sledgehammers to destroy a religious statue in Havana, Cuba, in the early 1960s aftermath of the country’s communist revolution.

“It took them a long time,” said Eire, a Yale University history and religious studies professor and iconoclasm expert living in Guilford, Conn. “It seems to me it took forever.”

Besides that statue outside an Ursuline convent, Eire, 69, watched the new government demolish or deface monuments of persons or events it wanted to remove from public memory.

“This is one of the ways in which the Castro regime has rewritten the history of Cuba,” said Eire, who in 1962 was one of 14,000 children airlifted out of Havana to the United States. “People actually are blocked from accessing the real history of Cuba.”

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