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Canadian archdiocese drops vaccine registry for Mass

The Canadian Archdiocese of Moncton has rescinded a policy that required all Catholics wishing to enter church buildings to show proof of having received two doses of a coronavirus vaccination and record their names with volunteers. 

In an update to the archdiocesan policies published at midday Friday, Archbishop Valery Vienneau said his decision to withdraw the policy came after a conversation between the Catholic bishops of the province and the New Brunswick provincial health authorities on Thursday night. 

“Accordingly, the four bishops of [New Brunswick] agree on the following steps to make our churches as safe as possible for our faithful. No proof of vaccination is required for Sunday or weekday masses, baptisms, prayer groups, and others,” the archbishop said.

Instead, the local Catholic dioceses have agreed to a common set of policies to combat the spread of the virus, including mandatory masks for indoor liturgies, and instituting a cap on attendance at 50% of church building capacity to allow for social distancing.

In line with previously published government requirements, proof of vaccination status is required for weddings and funerals in all venues which are not private residences, but there is no maximum capacity cap or requirement for social distancing.

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