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Canadian archbishop: assisted suicide makes the elderly fear hospitals


The spectre of assisted suicide is leading ageing people to “fear an institution that should be the last thing they should ever fear – a hospital,” Edmonton Archbishop Richard Smith has said.

“The strong feeling is, ‘If I can’t speak for myself, if I’m alone with no family members, are they going to kill me?’” said Archbishop Smith in a talk at Edmonton’s Corpus Christi Church.

It is a question that “flows naturally” from the January Supreme Court decision allowing doctor-assisted suicide under certain conditions, the archbishop said. “This decision turns inside out the relationship between patient and doctor, patient and hospital; it undermines the trust that must be there.”

A series of talks across the Edmonton Archdiocese has drawn large crowds and raised poignant questions on euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide.

The archbishop said the other “elephant in the room” is what the court decision has to say about family life.

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