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Canada Elects Its Own Barack Obama


Richard Nixon saw it all coming.

At a state dinner in Canada’s capital city Ottawa in 1972, the former president jokingly predicted that then-prime minister Pierre Trudeau’s four-month-old son Justin would one day lead the Great White North.

As of this week, Nixon was proven correct.

Trudeau’s convincing win on Monday in Canada’s federal election spells a majority Liberal government. The new posse of progressives will be sworn in by early November and is a sharp turn left from the neoconservative foreign policy and corporate- and sales-tax-cutting tack of former Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Strategic voting and sharp dissatisfaction with Harper from a growing segment of Canada’s population played its part in Trudeau’s victory, as did admittedly solid campaigning and strategic messaging from Trudeau. Still, the pundits agree, it was the overarching desire from to see Harper go that tipped the scales. So much so, in fact, that the erstwhile prime minister even caused a new kind of mental illness known as Harper Derangement Syndrome.

Before talking about Justin Trudeau, it is only apt to give a brief primer on his father, Pierre. Speculation about Justin’s rising political star started when he delivered the eulogy for his father at Pierre’s funeral in 2000. Key moments of his rise during the most recent campaign came when he squarely defended his father’s progressive record and memory in both a personal and national sense.

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