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Can the Mass ever be irreverent?

The answer might surprise you.

By Kresta in the Afternoon

Ann Arbor, Michigan, 27 September 2021 / 4:35 pm

Fr. Joe Krupp was recently asked, “can Mass ever be irreverent?” The questioner had said that her friend was going on websites that say Masses after the Second Vatican Council are irreverent. She even said she has started to question what is going on at Mass on Sunday.

Fr. Joe, in an article for Faith Magazine, explained that if a website is always causing you to feel angry, indignant, or scared, you should probably stay away from it. “True faith leads to joy, not anger and fear,” he says.

“We are called to follow Christ, not a political party,” Fr. Joe explains, so “if someone’s ministry [or] website rarely talks about Jesus, [or] never seems to be joyful, or spends an inordinate amount of time advocating for a political party, you should ignore them.” He also explained that if a website is dedicated to pointing out all the faults in the Church, then they have a vested interest in stirring up trouble.

He discussed this further in this recent interview with Al Kresta on Kresta in the Afternoon. Fr. Joe also explains claiming declining declining Mass attendance, declining seminarian numbers, and overall irreverence is the result of Vatican II is oversimplifying the matter.

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